We create 74% increase in brand awareness.
About Us

Manulife Investments -- With You Every Step of the Way

The Background
Manulife Financial rebrands its investment business as "Manulife Investments". Both investors and advisors need to discover and understand this new brand.

The Challenge
Make Manulife Investments distinct from Manulife's insurance business and stand out as unique in the crowded investment sector.

The Strategy
Positioned Manulife Investments as the company that:

  • Best supports advisors throughout and beyond the sales cycle, and
  • Offers investors the right products and services at every stage of the investment cycle throughout their lives.
Created a campaign under the banner "Manulife Investments - With You Every Step of the Way".

The Result
"With You" campaign built unaided awareness from zero to 74% over a two-year period.